What Problems Do Veneers Resolve?

What Problems Do Veneers Resolve?

Your smile is one of the first things someone sees about you. That first impression can be wrecked if your teeth are yellow, stained, cracked, or crooked. Dental veneers can cover a host of imperfections to give you a smile makeover. 

Drs. Misty Henne and Chloe Chu at Cherry Family Dental in San Jose, CA, want you to have the Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted. Here’s how dental veneers can help. Veneers, made of porcelain or a composite resin, are thin, wafer-like shells that cover the fronts of your teeth. Veneers can turn drab, discolored, or disfigured teeth into even, pearly whites.

Get rid of yellow

Yellow is yuck when it’s the color of your teeth. There are several reasons your teeth may have become yellow or discolored. Years of drinking coffee, tea, or wine can leave their mark on the surface of your teeth. As you age, the natural enamel on the fronts of your teeth wears down and allows the brown dentin housed inside your teeth to show through. Also, decay can discolor your teeth.

Cure chips and cracks

Veneers can cover chips and cracks in your teeth. If you’ve injured your teeth by playing sports or eating hard foods, veneers can hide the results of abuse.

Even out your smile

With age comes natural wear-and-tear on teeth that can give you an uneven smile. Over time, teeth wear down differently, making some teeth larger or smaller than others. Veneers can even out your front teeth wonderfully. 

Close the gap

Veneers can fill gaps in your teeth that weren’t corrected by braces back in the day. Veneers  camouflage these spaces.  

Straighten crooked teeth

While braces or aligners are the best ways to straighten crooked teeth, veneers can cover up minor rotations.

If you think veneers can give you a brilliant, straight smile, you should schedule an appointment at Cherry Family Dental. Our dentists will discuss how and if veneers are your best options. 

During your appointment to get veneers, we’ll prepare your teeth and take an impression. An impression is a mold of your teeth that lets us create a model of your mouth. We have an on-site lab that uses that model to manufacture custom veneers especially for you. And since our lab is on-site, you’ll get your veneers, and your perfect smile, quickly.

If you’d like to see how veneers can transform your smile, give us a call at 408-490-3101, or use our online booking tool.

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