Help! My Teeth are Yellow!

Help! My Teeth are Yellow!

Your smile is the first thing many people notice about you. If yellow teeth keep you from feeling comfortable sporting a grin, there are solutions. Whiter, brighter teeth also give you a more youthful, vibrant appearance and may inspire you to take better care of your oral hygiene as you aim to keep the whiteness going.

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to enhance your smile by bringing you the pearly hue you desire. Dr. Misty Henne and her team offer professional teeth whitening for her patients at Cherry Family Dental in South San Jose, California. Read on to learn more about these options, as well as why teeth turn yellow to begin with.

What causes yellow teeth

Most anyone’s teeth can turn various shades of yellow. Certain factors increase your risk, however, including:

What to do about yellow teeth

If you’re bothered by the yellowing and discoloration of your teeth, the first best step is to talk to your dentist. While some people have success with store-bought teeth whitening treatments, we recommend professional care for optimum results. Our team at Cherry Family Dental provides two types of whitening treatments that can really help.

In-office whitening treatments

Professional teeth whitening is the more potent and rapid option and only takes about an hour. Afterward, your teeth will appear dramatically whiter and healthier-looking. Dr. Henne uses the Opalescence® whitening system to bring you these results through a single treatment. After cleaning your teeth, apply Opalescence whitening gel. This gel contains hydrogen peroxide, which breaks up stain-causing pigments in your enamel, and potassium nitrate, for reduced sensitivity and strengthened enamel. 

Take-home whitening kits

If you’d prefer to whiten your teeth on your own time, we offer affordable take-home whitening kits by NiteWhite®. You’ll receive trays filled with whitening gel to wear while you sleep at night. The gel contains carbamide peroxide, which changes into hydrogen peroxide once it meets your teeth and dislodges stains For reduced sensitivity, it contains amorphous calcium phosphate. Whiter tones will appear gradually with this method over the course of two weeks.

Once your teeth are whiter, routine cleanings, and positive oral hygiene habits at home can help ensure long-lasting results. A member of our team will go over follow-up care steps when you receive your treatment.

To learn more about teeth whitening or get started with treatment, call Cherry Family Dental or request an appointment through our website.

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